Save Money Around the House

Start Saving Money Around the House

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Everyone likes to save money here and there. Here are some simple things I do around the house to save a little money.

Most of these things won’t be instant-money-in-your-pocket-savings, but they will add up over time.


Wash cloths for everything!

You know those flimsy little baby wash cloths you have in the kids’ bathroom that really don’t clean them anymore? Toss them in your kitchen drawer and use them to wipe off little faces and hands after meal times. They may not scrub up whole little bodies, but they wipe off Oreo remnants just fine. Save yourself the paper towels and baby wipes, the cost of those alone add up!

Kitchen sponges, any sponges, gross me out. They smell, they make my fingernails crawl, and the scrubby side wears out quickly. So, I turn to wash cloths yet again! I found an ugly green set in the clearance section in Kmart that were perfect for dishes (I have a stack of off white ones I use for other cleaning through the house, the separate color means I never have to worry about using one I’ve used on the floor on my dishes…). I use one all day then toss it in the laundry with the rest of the towels. Saves money on sponges! Easy squeezey.

A friend has been telling me about her Norwex cloths. She loves her body cloths. She keeps them in her purse and in her car to wipe down her kids’ hands after school and sports. Check them out, you could save some money on hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes!

**Update** I just recently bought my first Norwex cloths. I bought the basic package, it came with the enviro cloth and the window cloth. AMAZING! I’m in love. Gooooodbyyyeeee paper towels! I also won a free body cloth. I’ll let you know how I like that soon!


Wash on Cold and During Non-Peak Hours

Everything that goes in my washing machine, gets washed on cold. No need to heat all that water up for a few loads.

I also only run my washing machine and dryer during non-peak hours. This is slightly inconvenient but I have noticed the difference in our electric bill. That’s the only thing I’ve changed this cycle, and it’s summer!


Unplug Unused Appliances

Toasters, blenders, phone chargers. There’s no need to keep these things plugged in all day and night when they aren’t being used.


Keep Up on Meal Planning!

The more I slip on meal planning, the more we eat out. The more we eat out, the sadder our bank account becomes.

Meal planning doesn’t take up a lot of time and it really has saved us quite a bit of money. Don’t forget to throw in a left-over night.

With a little bit of planning, you’ll save on fast food, restaurants, and all those random groceries you throw in your cart with no real purpose. I cannot stand throwing unused food away. It drives me nuts.

Don’t forget to write down every single thing you’ll need for your meals. Cross out everything you already have before you go to the store. Seriously, do this. I have 4 ranch dressings and 3 ketchups because I was skipping this step.


Cut Out Sodas

This has multiple benefits. I cut sodas out of our grocery shopping a long time ago. It has saved us a bit of money and my husband and I lost a little bit of weight just from that small change. My skin doesn’t break out like it used to while I was drinking soda. Plus, now a Pepsi at our favorite Mexican food restaurant is a real treat!

(Cut out other bad habits, too! Cigarettes, fast food, shopping out of boredom, so many things we do or buy but don’t really need cost us money!)


Use Those Ceiling Fans!

When my husband isn’t home, I set the A/C to 78 (when he’s home it’s set to about 72, but it runs constantly!) during the summer and hike all the ceiling fans up to full blast.


Recycle Water Bottles and Cans

While we do use our reusable, refillable, handy dandy water bottles (I rarely go anywhere without my Blender Bottle), we also buy packs of water bottles. We have 2 medium trash cans on the side of our house to store empty bottles. When they fill up, we take them to the recycling center. Any money we make goes into our money jar. We like to watch it fill up, then do something fun with the savings.


Go Through Your Bills

Are there any bills you can reduce? Switching cell phone providers? Negotiating new rates on credit cards? Call all your providers you pay each month. You’ll be surprised to find all the ways you can save just by asking.


Start a Spare Change Jar

At the end of the day, empty your pockets. All your pocket change goes into your jar. It’s fun to see it fill up. I also put the difference from shopping trips into the jar. If my total came to 34.27, I round up and put 0.73 into our savings jar. But since all my spare change goes in to it anyway, I keep a list and at the end of the month, I deposit all the round ups into our savings.


Pay Bills Online

With regular email reminders, you’re less likely to miss a payment deadline and suffer with late fees. You’ll also save money on stamps and checks. (You’re saving the environment a little, too. Win-win.)


Make Coffee at Home

For a while, we were going to coffee shops multiple times a week. $7 to $9 a trip several times a week really hit us in the bank gut. I learned to drink black coffee (I actually prefer it now). And when we do stop at a coffee shop, at most once a week, it’s more fun and more enjoyable.


Consider Cutting Your Cable

There are so many streaming options available right now, that it’s becoming more and more popular. Hulu and Netflix are also great options! They keep my sane on the treadmill.

My husband and I recently cut down our television package. We eliminated all the movie channels with the exception of HBO (can’t like without Game of Thrones, now can we?). Our internet speed went up, but even so, we are saving $70 a month! A month!! It was worth the 15 minutes my husband spent on the phone with our provider.


Pack Your Lunch for Work

Save money (and pants sizes). Opt for packed lunches instead of daily fast food trips at work. We have 6 Pack lunch bags and we love them. We can get everything we need in it. They’re bulky but they’re perfect for packing up kids lunches, snacks and water bottles for long days out.


Stop Buying Greeting Cards

$4.99 for a birthday card?! No. Children don’t read them, and even when you read them to the kids, they’re not listening. They are tearing into the gift.


Buy Plain Packing Paper or Gift Bags for Gifts

I really get a lot of joy out of this one. I let my kids decorate the paper or bags for each recipient. They trace their hands, or draw pictures of themselves with the recipient. And my daughter loves to write a message on the paper. Entertainment and saving money all wrapped into one tip…


Entertain at Home

Having a few friends over for dinner or brunch will come out much cheaper than dining out. You can make it potluck style or a BYOB event. Everyone loves a cozy at home get together.


No-Spend Challenge

Start a no-spend challenge with your family. Pick a time frame and vow to only buy the essentials! Groceries, toiletries, gas, just the things you need to survive. How much money could you save? Learn more about how to get set up for a challenge here!


Sometimes it’s hard to cut out things we’re so used to having or doing. But keep your long term goals in mind. Write them down. Post them on the fridge. Do whatever you need to do to keep motivated!

Our biggest reason to save as much money as we can is buying a new truck and travel trailer! We want to camp and see the country. Gotta keep plinking those coins into the savings jar!


What are your money saving tricks and tips? I’m all about pinching pennies these days!