My Gym Bag Essentials

Don’t Get Caught Without the Necessities!

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I hate getting to the gym and realizing I forgot something.

And when I forget something, it’s a big something. Like deodorant. Or my headphones. I even forgot water one day, and wouldn’t you know that was the week the gym didn’t get a water delivery. Awesome.

Now, I keep my gym bag packed and ready, waiting in the car for me.


Underarmor bag – I absolutely love this bag. It’s not giant, but it’s big enough to fit all my stuff with a bit of room left over. It’s got a good amount of pockets, too, for the small stuff.

Combination lock

Water bottle or reusable bottle

Kirkland bathroom wipes – I’ll be damned if that pre-workout doesn’t kick in right as I get to the locker room. Every. Time.

Kirkland Face wipes







Hair bands

Sweet Sweat workout bands

Inzer wrist wraps

Extra headphones (I keep 2 pairs in my bag)


Barehand Gloves


Shaker bottle with protein powder

Clean underwear (I didn’t originally have this on my list but a friend said that a clean pair of underwear is never really a bad thing to have in your bag. Can’t really argue with her, can we?)

Diaper and wipes (I leave these in the shoe cubby when I leave my little one. I don’t have to go all the way to my locker then all the way to the kid’s club when they come get me).

Get out there and attack those goals!

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