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Birthday Parties on a Budget

Birthday Parties on a Budget

You Don’t Have to Break the Bank to Throw a Great Party

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When you have kids, you get familiar with shoveling out loads of money for so many different things.

School clothes, sports, art classes, new shoes because their feet just won’t stop!

Kids’ birthday parties are no different. With the development of Pinterest, there is a constant need to be bigger and bolder and better!

But, why?

My kids are just as thrilled with the simple parties as they are with the over-the-top-beat-those-Joneses-to-the-ground parties.

Actually, I think they may even be happier with the simpler parties. They aren’t so overwhelmed with the mass amounts of people I feel the need to invite. Or with the elaborate activities and need for participation.

A couple fun things to keep the little ones occupied, a game or 2 for a big kid’s party, and bam, a group of happy kids.

Kids’ birthday parties do not have to burn holes in your pockets.

What’s the key to staying on a budget or watching those totals when there is a party on the horizon? Planning!

Plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead.

I get it, when your kids turn 1, 2, and sometimes even 3, there are friends and family members you want to invite to share in the celebration.


Save Money Around the House

Save Money Around the House

Start Saving Money Around the House

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Everyone likes to save money here and there. Here are some simple things I do around the house to save a little money.

Most of these things won’t be instant-money-in-your-pocket-savings, but they will add up over time.


Wash cloths for everything!

You know those flimsy little baby wash cloths you have in the kids’ bathroom that really don’t clean them anymore? Toss them in your kitchen drawer and use them to wipe off little faces and hands after meal times. They may not scrub up whole little bodies, but they wipe off Oreo remnants just fine. Save yourself the paper towels and baby wipes, the cost of those alone add up!

Kitchen sponges, any sponges, gross me out. They smell, they make my fingernails crawl, and the scrubby side wears out quickly. So, I turn to wash cloths yet again! I found an ugly green set in the clearance section in Kmart that were perfect for dishes (I have a stack of off white ones I use for other cleaning through the house, the separate color means I never have to worry about using one I’ve used on the floor on my dishes…). I use one all day then toss it in the laundry with the rest of the towels. Saves money on sponges! Easy squeezey.

A friend has been telling me about her Norwex cloths.

Prepare For a No Spend Challenge

Prepare For a No Spend Challenge

Prepare for a No Spend Month!

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Sometimes we go was overboard with our money spending. We don’t have an income problem, we have a money spending problem.

A big one.

Oh, this is cute, I’ll buy it.

You want new shoes to add to your other 42 pairs? OK! That sounds like a totally responsible decision. My little girl inherited my love of shoes…*Eye roll here*

We spend so much money on unnecessary wants and then we’re annoyed when we can’t go out to do something fun as a family, or we have to cancel date night because our bank account told us to settle down.

Instead of saving extra money, we go out for coffee most days of the week. Frilly coffee plus 2 kids chocolate milks several days a week really adds up! Plus I’m startin to put some inches on around the waist… Time to cut back on the sugar AND the spending.

I let my inner lazy girl talk my organized-wants-to-be-healthy-girl into fast food for lunch on my husband’s days off or after the gym with the kids. Talk about counterproductive.

I get bored so we take a trip to Michael’s or Target just to get out of the house. Bad idea. Actually, expensive idea.

There is a big, big difference between want and need.

My Guide to Having a Stress Free Garage Sale

My Guide to Having a Stress Free Garage Sale

Eliminate the stress and last minute hassle with a little planning!

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I LOVE having garage sales. Yes, it is a lot of work for just a little money most of the time. But I’m an organizer. I can’t get enough of decluttering, labeling, organizing, pricing, setting it out, and watching it goooo awaaayyy!

I don’t stress about the sale, either. If I make money, fantastic! If I make $3, it’s more than I had before. And then everything just goes right off to the donation center. No biggie. Nothing really lost.

Every item I take out of my house, because we no longer want or need it, is going to go to a donation center. So why not make a dollar on it instead? Or five dollars?

But again, garage sales can be a lot of work. I never expect to make big bucks at my garage sales, mostly so I’m not disappointed or stressed about having to stick to my guns on prices. I price a little on the high side because most people that shop at garage sales are hagglers. I am a-okay with that.

With the right planning and organizing, your garage sale can seem like a breeze. I don’t recommend having a garage sale if you’re in a hurry to get rid of things, though. It may take you a while to go through your home deciding what to keep and what to let go.