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75 Stocking Stuffers for Women

75 Stocking Stuffers for Women

75 Stocking Stuffers for Women

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My husband is the best stocking stuffer-er ever!

Every year I have a stocking full of stuff I really enjoy using. I don’t know how he remembers everything.

From bath salts and scrubs to my favorite flavor TicTacs (I eat them like candy, it’s a little ridiculous), I am a fan of everything I pull out of my stocking on Christmas morning.

With the help of some of my tribe, I came up with a list of some great stocking stuffers!


  1. earrings
  2. purse holder bracelet
  3. Ashley Horner workout programs
  4. stemless wine glass
  5. gum
  6. TicTacs
  7. See’s Candy
  8. headbands
  9. personalized keychain
  10. hair rubberbands
  11. SpaFinder gift card
  12. Starbucks gift card
  13. slipper socks
  14. coffee mug
  15. travel mug
  16. cookie cutters
  17. Lipsense
  18. scented soap
  19. wine glass rings
  20. mini tool set
  21. Hawaiian scented shampoo
  22. Hawaiian scented conditioner
  23. bath bombs – I love these things. They work wonders on sore muscles!
  24. bath salts
  25. sugar scrub
  26. face mask
  27. weighted jump rope
  28. Victoria’s Secret gift card
  29. Soma gift card – for us top heavy mommies
  30. exfoliating gloves
  31. turby twist
  32. nail polish
  33. nail file
  34. wedding ring dish
  35. wireless earbuds
  36. perfume
  37. slim wallet
  38. Kohls gift card
  39. sticky notes
  40. tea infuser
  41. pens
  42. Magno Grip
  43. frilly underwear
  44. magnetic light
  45. book light
  46. bookmark
  47. pot clip
  48. paintbrush set
  49. compact mirror
  50. mini alcohol bottles
  51. personalized viewfinder
  52. fountain pen
  53. beanie
  54. mini umbrella
  55. coffee
  56. gun holster
  57. ammo
  58. gardening claws
  59. Fairy Berries lights
  60. paracord bracelet
  61. return address stamp
  62. EOS lipstick
  63. flashlight
  64. candles
  65. flavored popcorn
  66. hand sanitizer
  67. personalized photo magnet
  68. makeup
  69. lotion
  70. face lotion
  71. flip flops
  72. Bluetooth shower speaker
  73. apron
  74. magazines
  75. Target gift card

Happy Stuffing!

120 Stocking Stuffers for Men

120 Stocking Stuffers for Men

this post contains affiliate links.

Stocking stuffers used to get me. Every year.

I couldn’t figure out what to put in everyone’s stocking, so they ended up with just odds and ends of junk that wasn’t all that exciting.

On one hand, the cat and dog were thrilled with their cans of wet food and tiny toys.

And on the other…my husband said he was thrilled with his gum and toothbrush.

Yes, of course there were much better things in his stocking than just gum and a toothbrush. Much is an overstatement, though.

While he was stuffing my stocking with bath salts, cool exercise trinkets (yes, my fitness journey started way back then), and gift cards, he was getting goofy checkout line impulse buys.

But No More!

Over the years, I’ve perfected my stocking game. I have also kept a list of everything I’ve bought everyone for the last 8 years (I love lists. I’ll find any reason to make a list.).

If you’re anything like I was, this list will come in handy!

Happy shopping and stuffing!


  1. Arm Bar Soap (perfect for those athletes in your life!)
  2. Starbucks gift card
  3. BevMo gift card
  4. Working Hands lotion
  5. Bug light
  6. Fireplace lighter
  7. Pens
  8. Coffee scoop
  9. Boot warmers
  10. Hand warmers
  11. flask
  12. 100% Kona coffee
  13. gum
  14. Multi tool
  15. Bass Pro Shop gift card
  16. Why Do We Say It?
Ultimate Camping Checklist

Ultimate Camping Checklist

A Mom’s Guide to Camping Packing

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Lately, the camping topic has been coming up a lot in my house. I’m not a sleep-under-the-stars-poop-in-the-bushes kinda girl, but the thought of renting a cabin or buying a trailer sounds great!

I want to take our kids on beautiful trips to fish, run through open fields, and just enjoy themselves without all the distractions of everyday life.

We’re getting closer to being able to look at trailers and with recommendations from friends, we’ve been looking at different resorts that rent cabins.

I’m actually getting really excited about it. And after telling a friend of mine about our hopeful plans, she offered up her camping list.

After slowly working the idea of her writing a guest post into our conversations, she accepted.


I’m happy to present this wonderful camping post written by my friend, Melissa Meyer.


Camping can be a lot of fun…or it can be a nightmare.

Nothing like getting out into the middle of nowhere and realizing you forgot some very important items like *gasp* your kids’ toys. Oh, the horror.

Or even minor things like a change of underwear (insert eye roll here).

Why is it that I am usually great at remembering everyone’s clothes but mine? I envy my husband who only has to pack for himself.

My Gym Bag Essentials

My Gym Bag Essentials

Don’t Get Caught Without the Necessities!

this post contains affiliate links.

I hate getting to the gym and realizing I forgot something.

And when I forget something, it’s a big something. Like deodorant. Or my headphones. I even forgot water one day, and wouldn’t you know that was the week the gym didn’t get a water delivery. Awesome.

Now, I keep my gym bag packed and ready, waiting in the car for me.


Underarmor bag – I absolutely love this bag. It’s not giant, but it’s big enough to fit all my stuff with a bit of room left over. It’s got a good amount of pockets, too, for the small stuff.

Combination lock

Water bottle or reusable bottle

Kirkland bathroom wipes – I’ll be damned if that pre-workout doesn’t kick in right as I get to the locker room. Every. Time.

Kirkland Face wipes







Hair bands

Sweet Sweat workout bands

Inzer wrist wraps

Extra headphones (I keep 2 pairs in my bag)


Barehand Gloves


Shaker bottle with protein powder

Clean underwear (I didn’t originally have this on my list but a friend said that a clean pair of underwear is never really a bad thing to have in your bag.

14 Tips for a Stress Free Move!

14 Tips for a Stress Free Move!

14 Tips for Stress Free Moving!

The thought of packing up an entire household, moving it to another home is enough to make my eyes cross.

Especially after our last move. Disaster. I was pregnant. Things didn’t get done in any kind of order or timeliness.

Moving day came and it was a mess. We had family members scrambling to help us get everything out of the house. Beds still needed to be taken apart. We had to go rent our 3rd storage unit. And as we drove away, we looked like the Clampetts with everything piled into our pickups. We were just missing Grandma up on top.

There was no need for the chaos.

Moving is a big event. It’s a lot of work. And not everyone has help. Without our families and a few friends, we would have had to move everything on our own. Or hire a moving company, and I’m too cheap. And we don’t have extra money for that, let’s be real.

I’ve put together some helpful tips I’ve learned through selling a home and buying a home to help eliminate the stress of your sale and move!

They’re in no particular order. Happy moving!

  1. Declutter! – This is a big thing. Buyers need to be able to see their things in your house. There has to be a vision. The first time our agent said this to us,