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Entertain Your Kids Without Getting Up

Entertain Your Kids Without Getting Up

How to Entertain Your Kids When You Just Need to Sit Down


They’ve been fighting since breakfast, needing you to repeat everything you’ve said, you’ve crawled around pretending to be a horse and you’ve stomped through the house looking for Trolls because you’re a Burgen. You made it to Costco, Aldi, and Stater Bros. You’ve vacuumed (twice), mopped, picked up toys, and cleaned up the cat puke.

The littlest is napping and now you need to just sit down.

Here come the olders.

In search of entertainment via whining.



It never fails. When I just need to sit. When I just can’t move again, my oldest says, “What should we do mom?”

Break my heart why don’t ya!?

So, I came up with ideas to keep her busy and keep my butt on the cushion. I try hard to think of things that I can participate in without much participation. Sounds so lazy, but you all get me.

Even when they are both awake, there are times I just need to sit and watch. Or sit and not think.

Some days they are content with me just sitting on the playroom floor while they build and dance and play. Some days I’m the party clown.

One wants to watch Blaze and the other needs my attention.

There are a few tricks up my sleeve before I turn to Full House or the iPad.

Our Favorite Halloween Books

Our Favorite Halloween Books

I’ve always loved reading to my kids. From the day we brought them home from the hospital, I’ve read books to them.

There are many benefits to reading to kids starting at a very young age. They are exposed to language, letter sounds, the sound of your voice.

My favorite benefit is the snuggling. That benefits me a little more than them at this point, I think.

As they grow older, they like to snuggle less and less. So, reading time is when I can get it in. I don’t ask them to snuggle or climb into my lap.

They just do. Because it’s story time.

About a year and a half ago, I realized cycling their toys really worked! (All of you that have been doing that forever, go ahead and roll your eyes at me and say you told me so…)

But anyway, it works with books, too! (Again, big epiphany right? You’re getting your eye workout in today.)

I try to keep our little play room library organized by season and holiday, but you all know how keeping ANYTHING organized in a play room goes.

Not well.

Since it’s getting to be fall, I say getting to be because it’s still summer weather here in my neck of the woods, I broke out the Halloween books!

My kids love to read these. I tried to get a picture of just the books,

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween should be a fun and carefree night for us and our kids.

After all, we are violating soooo many of our “stranger danger” rules.

We run freely from stranger’s house to stranger’s house taking candy. Insert suspicious mom face here… At NIGHT, I might add…

It’s a night for our kids, and sometimes us, to dress up as whatever our wild imaginations can come up with.

We get to binge on candy. (It’s actually acceptable on this night. You don’t have to hide in the laundry room making excuses about what the sound of the candy wrappers are.)

It’s also a night in which it is hard to distinguish what is real and what is make believe.

Is that a real knife?

Was that a cap gun that teenager just ran by with?

Who is that person behind that mask giving candy to my 5-year-old?

It’s a night when the possibility of drunk drivers is higher (more so if Halloween is a Friday or Saturday).

It’s a night when we let our kids run around in the dark.

I want nothing more than for my kids to have a super fun night, but I also want to keep them super safe. I know all you mommies and daddies feel the same.

Here are some tips for a safe and fun Halloween!


Chores and Allowance, Where to Begin?

Chores and Allowance, Where to Begin?

Chores? Allowance? What, When, How Much!?


When it comes to allowance and chores, there are 3 ways parents seem to feel. They either love both, hate them, or want to give them a try but are so overwhelmed and unsure of how to go about it that they don’t ever bring it up.

Should my kids have a list of chores or should they just help when asked?

Are they old enough to do each item on their list without being micromanaged?

Will their “chores” create more work for me?

Should I give them a weekly allowance just for things they should be doing on their own?

How much do chores go for these days?

There are so many different ways to handle chores, normal routine, and allowances. It’s hard to sift through all the “suggestions” out there.

I do things a little differently.

Lately, my little beauty of a 6-year-old girl has been getting very upset and going to the brink of break down when we tell her we won’t be buying whatever it is she’s begging for that day.

This bothers me.

Just today she had a melt down at the park. As we walked to the ice cream truck I realized I didn’t have cash so I asked the woman if she was able to take card.


And bring on the wail and forced cry.

Stop Telling Your Kids No…For Just a Day

Stop Telling Your Kids No…For Just a Day

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What kill-joys we can be as parents, right?

So many rules.

Don’t do that, do this.

No, you cannot have ice cream in bed. It’s 6am.

No, do not pull your sister’s hair!

Get the dog’s tail out of your mouth.

Sometimes I’m tired of saying no. I irritate myself with how much I nag day-in, day-out.

But seriously, why? Why does everything go right into his mouth!?

Why does the iPad need to come with us into the grocery store?

Every once in a while, I like to have a no-no day. I know what you’re thinking, “this is going to get out of hand really quickly”.

But as you know, I like to plan ahead. Because you’re right, a no-no could easily backfire on me.

I always tell my kids on our no-no day that I’m going to do my best to say yes to everything. Within reason, if it isn’t dangerous and it doesn’t cost more money than we can spend, it’s a yes!

If I let it be a free for all day, I’ll quickly become a liar.

The first thing out of my daughter’s mouth would be

“Let’s go to Hawaii!”

“Well, um, no we can’t.”

“But you said! Can we go to Disneyland then?”