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Meal Planning

Meal Planning

My Guide to Meal Planning – Week by Week

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Ah, meal planning. The one thing that can make or break our budget each week.

With a plan, I make some rockin’ dinners, my husband has lunch for work the next day, and we save quite a bit of money.

Without a plan, we eat junk food, make a lot of fast food runs, throw out food that just sat around unused, and we spend more money than is necessary for a family of four.

The short amount of time it takes to meal plan is well worth the money spent on food that will just sit and go bad and most certainly worth the healthier bodies from less fast food and junk.

The key to a successful, week by week, meal plan is just a little organization.

All you need is a calendar sheet, a pad of paper, and a pen! No need to have any special calendar, just print your monthly calendar from your computer or email or use the one on your wall!

There are times I just divide out sections on a piece of scratch paper for each day I’m planning meals. I don’t always bother with a calendar.

The simpler, the better.

I only plan one week at a time or I find that I throw away more food.

14 Tips for a Stress Free Move!

14 Tips for a Stress Free Move!

14 Tips for Stress Free Moving!

The thought of packing up an entire household, moving it to another home is enough to make my eyes cross.

Especially after our last move. Disaster. I was pregnant. Things didn’t get done in any kind of order or timeliness.

Moving day came and it was a mess. We had family members scrambling to help us get everything out of the house. Beds still needed to be taken apart. We had to go rent our 3rd storage unit. And as we drove away, we looked like the Clampetts with everything piled into our pickups. We were just missing Grandma up on top.

There was no need for the chaos.

Moving is a big event. It’s a lot of work. And not everyone has help. Without our families and a few friends, we would have had to move everything on our own. Or hire a moving company, and I’m too cheap. And we don’t have extra money for that, let’s be real.

I’ve put together some helpful tips I’ve learned through selling a home and buying a home to help eliminate the stress of your sale and move!

They’re in no particular order. Happy moving!

  1. Declutter! – This is a big thing. Buyers need to be able to see their things in your house. There has to be a vision. The first time our agent said this to us,
Save Money Around the House

Save Money Around the House

Start Saving Money Around the House

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Everyone likes to save money here and there. Here are some simple things I do around the house to save a little money.

Most of these things won’t be instant-money-in-your-pocket-savings, but they will add up over time.


Wash cloths for everything!

You know those flimsy little baby wash cloths you have in the kids’ bathroom that really don’t clean them anymore? Toss them in your kitchen drawer and use them to wipe off little faces and hands after meal times. They may not scrub up whole little bodies, but they wipe off Oreo remnants just fine. Save yourself the paper towels and baby wipes, the cost of those alone add up!

Kitchen sponges, any sponges, gross me out. They smell, they make my fingernails crawl, and the scrubby side wears out quickly. So, I turn to wash cloths yet again! I found an ugly green set in the clearance section in Kmart that were perfect for dishes (I have a stack of off white ones I use for other cleaning through the house, the separate color means I never have to worry about using one I’ve used on the floor on my dishes…). I use one all day then toss it in the laundry with the rest of the towels. Saves money on sponges! Easy squeezey.

A friend has been telling me about her Norwex cloths.

Are You Ready for a New Pet?

Are You Ready for a New Pet?

Things to think about before adopting a new furry family member.

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Puppies and kittens, they’re my downfall. So cute and cuddly! They’re playful and they just want to crawl all over you!

I’m a sucker.

I think every animal I see will be the perfect pet. He’ll sleep at the foot of the bed and go on runs with me (I don’t run, but when I get a dog apparently I do) and it’ll just be a seamless and perfect transition!


The truth is, when you adopt a new pet, you never know how things are going to go. If you adopt an older animal, sure you have an idea of what their personality is, but not of how they’ll take to your environment. A puppy or kitten? Forget it, you’ve just entered the unknown.

None of this stops me, though. I love having pets. Dogs more than cats, but I do love my cat.

Shortly after my husband and I moved in together, a friend found a very small kitten behind her fence. Somehow, she convinced me we needed a cat. We got a cat.

It’s no secret I’m a sucker for animals.

This kitten was a little wiry ball of white fur, no bigger than my hand. He’s grown up into a beautiful gray and white cat who has caused us no trouble.

Decluttering Saved My Sanity

Decluttering Saved My Sanity

How I Created More Space and Light in My Home

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Clutter stresses me out. It stresses my husband out. And when my husband is stressed, he anger-cleans. That stresses me out more.

And how many of you wish you had more time to sit and relax, play with the kids, read a magazine, instead of constantly cleaning or tidying? I sure did. I was always so annoyed that I was picking up the same things every. day. Most of the time I was shoving them in a different spot than the day before because our house was just so packed full of, well, crap.

Crap. Crap everywhere!

Crap we don’t need. Crap we didn’t even know was there until it fell out of the cabinet because we were jamming more crap in. Crap that had lost purpose.

Do you ever just stand in one spot, looking around, wondering “Where do I even begin?”


That used to be the start of every cleaning/decluttering/tidying/organizing binge I tried to start.

But I had no starting point because everything was just everywhere. There was no tidying because the house was so packed there wasn’t a space for everything.

Something had to change. I needed to get rid of the stuff we didn’t need.

I sat down and made a list of every space I needed to go through to declutter.