Chores and Allowance, Where to Begin?

Chores and Allowance, Where to Begin?

Chores? Allowance? What, When, How Much!?


When it comes to allowance and chores, there are 3 ways parents seem to feel. They either love both, hate them, or want to give them a try but are so overwhelmed and unsure of how to go about it that they don’t ever bring it up.

Should my kids have a list of chores or should they just help when asked?

Are they old enough to do each item on their list without being micromanaged?

Will their “chores” create more work for me?

Should I give them a weekly allowance just for things they should be doing on their own?

How much do chores go for these days?

There are so many different ways to handle chores, normal routine, and allowances. It’s hard to sift through all the “suggestions” out there.

I do things a little differently.

Lately, my little beauty of a 6-year-old girl has been getting very upset and going to the brink of break down when we tell her we won’t be buying whatever it is she’s begging for that day.

This bothers me.

Just today she had a melt down at the park. As we walked to the ice cream truck I realized I didn’t have cash so I asked the woman if she was able to take card.


And bring on the wail and forced cry.

Stop Telling Your Kids No…For Just a Day

Stop Telling Your Kids No…For Just a Day

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What kill-joys we can be as parents, right?

So many rules.

Don’t do that, do this.

No, you cannot have ice cream in bed. It’s 6am.

No, do not pull your sister’s hair!

Get the dog’s tail out of your mouth.

Sometimes I’m tired of saying no. I irritate myself with how much I nag day-in, day-out.

But seriously, why? Why does everything go right into his mouth!?

Why does the iPad need to come with us into the grocery store?

Every once in a while, I like to have a no-no day. I know what you’re thinking, “this is going to get out of hand really quickly”.

But as you know, I like to plan ahead. Because you’re right, a no-no could easily backfire on me.

I always tell my kids on our no-no day that I’m going to do my best to say yes to everything. Within reason, if it isn’t dangerous and it doesn’t cost more money than we can spend, it’s a yes!

If I let it be a free for all day, I’ll quickly become a liar.

The first thing out of my daughter’s mouth would be

“Let’s go to Hawaii!”

“Well, um, no we can’t.”

“But you said! Can we go to Disneyland then?”


911 for Kids

911 for Kids

Teach Your Kids When to Call 911 and What They Should Say

The scariest thing about being a parent is knowing that we won’t be there every second of every day to protect our children.

That makes what we teach them even more important.

We all hope and pray we never have to dial 911. In reality, the majority of us have called for help at least once in our lifetime, and the rest will probably have to call at some point.

We pray even harder that we won’t have to call for a loved one.

It’s important to teach our kids when and how to dial 911 for help.

For those moments we may not be there for, they need to know how to get help.

Teaching them that 911 is not a joke and you don’t call to play pranks is equally important.

Dialing 911 to play a prank or be silly delays life-saving resources away from those who really need it.

It ties up an emergency phone line. In some areas, law enforcement agencies must send an officer or deputy out to check on those that made the call. Even if it was a joke and an adult was able to get to the phone and say everything is okay, it may be policy for a unit to respond.

That takes an officer away from patrolling the streets where he or she could really help someone.

Spend Time on You

Spend Time on You

You deserve your time, too.

We as moms spend so much time on everyone else. But what happens when we don’t take any time for ourselves? To reflect. To just sit quietly. To do something we once enjoyed so much.

Are you ok? What can I get you? Yes, let’s wash your snuggle blanket 30 minutes before bedtime, sounds like a great idea. Get in the car, we have to get to soccer practice!

It’s always go, go, go! By the time we get to sit down alone, we can’t even formulate a full sentence. Well, at least I can’t. Just ask my hubby, he’s laughed at my incoherence on more than one occasion.

I miss reading. I miss taking a bath with a good magazine. I miss doing craft projects.

Why can’t there be time!?

Oh, but there is. There is time, it’s just being spent on the mundane, easy to access things. Like, Pinterest and Facebook and Instagram.

Make no mistake, I am on all three of those each day! But do I need to be? Do I need to be planning extravagant black tie parties and decorating imaginary kitchens on Pinterest? Well, yea, sometimes that’s my unwinding time. Should I be so engrossed in the lives of others, that I forget I have a beautiful life of my own?

The simple truth is that we need to unplug.

Ultimate Camping Checklist

Ultimate Camping Checklist

A Mom’s Guide to Camping Packing

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Lately, the camping topic has been coming up a lot in my house. I’m not a sleep-under-the-stars-poop-in-the-bushes kinda girl, but the thought of renting a cabin or buying a trailer sounds great!

I want to take our kids on beautiful trips to fish, run through open fields, and just enjoy themselves without all the distractions of everyday life.

We’re getting closer to being able to look at trailers and with recommendations from friends, we’ve been looking at different resorts that rent cabins.

I’m actually getting really excited about it. And after telling a friend of mine about our hopeful plans, she offered up her camping list.

After slowly working the idea of her writing a guest post into our conversations, she accepted.


I’m happy to present this wonderful camping post written by my friend, Melissa Meyer.


Camping can be a lot of fun…or it can be a nightmare.

Nothing like getting out into the middle of nowhere and realizing you forgot some very important items like *gasp* your kids’ toys. Oh, the horror.

Or even minor things like a change of underwear (insert eye roll here).

Why is it that I am usually great at remembering everyone’s clothes but mine? I envy my husband who only has to pack for himself.