About Me

Hi, I’m Ashley. I’m forgetful, I’m unorganized but then, I’m ridiculously meticulous and organized other days. I love my family with everything I have in me. I’m overly emotional but extremely strong.  I am fiercely loyal to my friends and family. I enjoy lifting weights and running. I like going to Maui with my husband and also going on dates with him. I want to eat clean and set a good and healthy example for my children, I also eat chocolate frosting and cookies after they go to bed. I enjoy planning parties, organizing and reorganizing my home, and helping others. But mostly, I’m me. I won’t apologize for any of the above, because out of all the things my children have taught me so far, to be unapologetically yourself is the most important. So, follow me and share your stories as I figure out how to do all of that while I keep a household running, keep my marriage healthy, raise two very strong willed children, and not lose my mind. 
I created THSM because I thrive on the friendships I have and crave the connection that is formed between other moms. I love being able to help others by sharing my experiences and what works best for me and I love hearing others do the same, there’s always something to learn. Being a mom is hard enough without the glares and ridicule that are thrown at us. My greatest joy in life is watching my children play and learn. I’m working hard with my husband to raise my children to become respectful, strong, and kind members of society. And I’m almost positive that is just about every other mother’s goal, we just all have different ways of reaching it; and get this, THAT IS OK! Moms and women, let’s come together, let’s end mommy wars and start lifting each other up instead of throwing each other to the wolves. I am sure there is no other way to evoke change than to lead by example; to be kind and forgiving, helpful and caring. The purpose of The Happily Scattered Mommy is to create a space in which no woman or mommy feels alone or judged; a space in which we can be open and honest about what we feel as a mom and wife. Mom life is hard, but none of us are alone.