Month: July,2017
My Diaper Bag Must-Haves!

My Diaper Bag Must-Haves!

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I hate running out the door at the last minute and forgetting something for the kids that they end up needing later in the day.

We get to a park playdate across town and I forgot my diaper bag. Or I forgot that the wipes were low and now I have to clean up the worst poopy with 3 wipes. Time to get creative right?

There’s always a friend to borrow something from. Or a store nearby, but who needs the hassle or extra expense?

I make sure I always have a stocked diaper bag in the back of my car. It really never comes inside my home unless I’m restocking.

And let me tell you, I’ve learned to restock the day I realize something is low. Because it’s always when I put it off that I forget and end up without something we need.

I’ve taken a lot of things out of the bag that we no longer need. My boy is 2 and my girl is 6. There are a lot of the baby-baby essentials that we just don’t need anymore. They’ve been replaced with the toddler essentials.

Here’s what I keep in the diaper bag.

  • Socks
  • Bib
  • Extra clothes for each child
  • Extra shirt for me (Eau de Spit Up is not my favorite scent.)
  • Wash cloth
  • Travel baby wash
  • Travel lotion
  • Travel powder
  • Plastic grocery bags (wet or poopied clothes need a place to go)
  • Dirty diaper bags (secret: I buy the dog poop bags from Amazon…soooo much cheaper!)
  • Wipies
  • Diapers
  • Diaper rash cream (I buy the Walmart brand,
Get Out of the House On Time, Every Time

Get Out of the House On Time, Every Time

Get Out of the House On Time, Every Time


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I hate running late. I hate rushing. It stresses me out.

When I’m stressed, I’m short with everyone around me. Rude. It’s so unfair to my kids. They didn’t mismanage their time. I did.

And if you’re anything like me, you feel like a big pile of crud after yelling at your kids for nothing. After being so impatient with them when you could have just planned a little better.

I’m rushing around trying to get things ready and the beast drops his chocolate milk, the lid pops off and now my living room floor looks like a very murky lake.

I let out a huge yell, he cries, the beauty gasps and runs.

It was an accident. I immediately feel horrible for yelling at him like that. I’m only mad because I have a million other things I have to do before we leave in 15 minutes.

Or, I finally start yelling and throwing out ridiculously harsh punishment threats because I’ve had to remind my 6 year old 5 times to brush her teeth and grab a pair of socks.

She’s 6. She’s going to have to be reminded sometimes.

Other times, she wakes up first, gets ready from head to toe and makes her bed without me asking.

How I Got My 4-Year-Old to Stay in Her Bed in Just a Week

How I Got My 4-Year-Old to Stay in Her Bed in Just a Week

The Goodnight Fairy

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Our daughter started sneaking down to our room around 12:30 in the morning, every morning. There were nights she came down even earlier, crying and begging us to let her stay. Sometimes I’d be lucid enough to take her back up, sometimes I wouldn’t discover her until morning. She can be pretty quiet when she wants to be. Sometimes I just gave in and let her stay.

For a while, my husband and I didn’t mind. She is growing up so quickly and we want to savor all the time we can with our babies. We didn’t even mind on the nights she came in to our bed earlier in the night. My husband and I usually watch t.v. for a few hours before going to sleep, but the light and noise never bothered our girl. She would be asleep before she hit our pillows. Those were the nights she used to talk in her sleep. It was hilarious! One night, she sat straight up, looked me in the eyes, screamed “PURPLE!”, laid right back down and was out like a light.

I have also been informed that cats are afraid of frogs, and I was set straight about daddy not being a party pooper. I could go on and on just about the funny conversations I’ve had with that sleeping beauty.

Then came the human wind-milling.

Are You Ready for a New Pet?

Are You Ready for a New Pet?

Things to think about before adopting a new furry family member.

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Puppies and kittens, they’re my downfall. So cute and cuddly! They’re playful and they just want to crawl all over you!

I’m a sucker.

I think every animal I see will be the perfect pet. He’ll sleep at the foot of the bed and go on runs with me (I don’t run, but when I get a dog apparently I do) and it’ll just be a seamless and perfect transition!


The truth is, when you adopt a new pet, you never know how things are going to go. If you adopt an older animal, sure you have an idea of what their personality is, but not of how they’ll take to your environment. A puppy or kitten? Forget it, you’ve just entered the unknown.

None of this stops me, though. I love having pets. Dogs more than cats, but I do love my cat.

Shortly after my husband and I moved in together, a friend found a very small kitten behind her fence. Somehow, she convinced me we needed a cat. We got a cat.

It’s no secret I’m a sucker for animals.

This kitten was a little wiry ball of white fur, no bigger than my hand. He’s grown up into a beautiful gray and white cat who has caused us no trouble.

Plan the Perfect Playdate

Plan the Perfect Playdate

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Kids make friends so easily. For most of them, there seems to be no pressure, it’s all so nonchalant.

Shouldn’t it be that way for the moms, too?

If you’re anything like me, then there’s a lot of pressure that comes with setting up a playdate with a new schoolmate. I want the other mom to be comfortable in my home and know that her child is safe here. And I hope that we have enough in common that we won’t run out of things to talk about. Because, really, how awkward will it be if we do!

My first playdate rule (unless I’m already familiar with the mom) is no political or religious conversations. Those types of conversations have the ability to turn the tides against either one of you. Politics and religion are two very personal and emotional subjects, it’s best to avoid them until you form a friendship and get to know one another better.

I guess that’s really my only rule.

Now on to planning.

I like being a hostess. I like making food, having others come to my home. It’s all so much fun.

Except the cleaning, the cleaning is not fun. But it’s worth it.

If I’ve invited one of my daughter’s friends and their mother over to our home, I like to plan a simple lunch and have an activity ready for the kids if they decide they want to do something structured.